Solutions To Common Issues with the Patient Portal

We at Key West Surgical Group, Inc. understand that some patients may have difficulty with the portal. In an effort to give you confidence and help alleviate some of the more common issues, we have complied this simple FAQ. We are certain with these helpful hints and a little determination you will find our portal a Breeze!

I am a new patient, how do I register for the portal?

At present you will need to contact the office to receive an invitation to the portal. You can contact the office by calling:

305-294-1041 (Ext: 201 or 202)
– OR –

Where Is My Invitation?

An invitation should have been emailed to you when you made your appointment or contacted the office. If you did not receive an invitation email please check your spam folder and/or contact the office using the means listed above.

I forgot my username and/or password.

Your username will be the email that you gave the office at the time of your initial registration.

You can reset your password by clicking here and using the forgot password option on the bottom left.

I have been asked to update my demographic and/or insurance information. How do I find that?

You will find a simple tutorial by clicking here

I am having difficulty finding forms that have been sent. How do I use the Forms section?

You will find a simple tutorial for locating forms by clicking here

I made an office appointment, how do I check in from home?

Click here for a simple tutorial on the Check-In process

My name, email and/or date of birth is incorrect or misspelled on my invitation or account registration.

This may be due to a typographical error by a staff member. Please contact the Breeze Portal Help Desk for support: 855-204-4075

I don't know how to take a picture and upload an image to the portal.

That is OK! Any images, medications or allergy sections that you are unable to complete can be skipped. Please notify the staff at your appointment and they assist you with updating that information.

My check in was not complete.

If you did not get a message That says "Success, your check-in was complete" you have not finished the registration process. Please note that some forms have mandatory fields that require completion and the clinical history intake form does require you to scroll to the end before it will allow you to click "next step" You can always go back in and finish what you started as long as you are doing it from home. You may need to repeat enter information if you wait to finish from the office's kiosk.

We urge you to contact the Breeze Portal Help Desk at 855-204-4075 if you are unable to complete the check-in process to avoid this duplicate input.

The app and website have additional resources for contacting the help desk.

I cannot make an appointment with the portal; Am I able to schedule my own appointment or procedure?

No, unfortunately, that functionality is not available at the current time. We do expect that feature to be available in the future. At the moment, you will need to contact the office at:

305-294-1041 (Option 1)

...or click request an appointment using the button on the right of every page. This will enable you to request an appointment, but will not guarantee the time/date of your request. You will receive a call from the office to determine that information.

Now that you are an expert on our patient portal:

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